Sketchprov is a podcast, a live show, and an ensemble of actors performing hybrid comedy.

03x02 - Irish Jokes in April

It's St. Patrick's Day in Hackenbush and of course, absolutely NOTHING could go wrong when everyone's been drinking. Improvised by Bonner Demling, Chrissy Fulmer, Randy Reiman, and featuring Jon Bershad. Rate, review, and subscribe to us on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever podcasts are available.

03x01.2 - The Spelling Bee

The McKinley Elementary Spelling Bee finals are down to a cutthroat gathering of three individuals, moderated by a science/math teacher, and assisted by a teacher with a particular hatred for a people descendant of Vikings. Improvised by Bonner Demling, Chrissy Fulmer, Randy Reiman, and featuring special guest Jon Bershad. Rate, review, and subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, and wherever podcasts are available. Sketchprov is a member of the Core Temp Arts podcast network and is part of the #PodernFamily.

03x01.1 - Netflix Intervention

Welcome to Season 3! We are starting a new format where we'll be providing you weekly sketches for each monthly episode so as to provide you continuous content every Friday. Be sure to rate, review, and subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever podcasts are available. Enjoy!

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Bonus Sketch #1 - "Following the Beatles" - The Dog Show

"Following the Beatles"

Written by Michael Sangregorio

Performed by The Dog Show

  • Mike Patierno as "Dad"
  • Claudio M. Venancio as "Son"
  • Katie McGrath as "Daughter"
  • Ryan Correll "Teddy"

"The Ed Sullivan Show" is property of SOFA Entertainment Inc. © 1990

"I Want to Hold Your Hand" by The Beatles, written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, property of Sony Music, © 1963 EMI 

All rights reserved

02x05 - God Help Us, Everyone!

Recorded live at East Side Mags in Montclair, NJ on 12/23/2016


  • Jeremy Doyle
  • Rob Dickerson
  • Bonner Demling
  • Meg Foley
  • Daniel Rutz
  • Lèna Chilingerian
  • Michael Sangregorio

Engineered by...

  • Trevor Campbell

Special Thanks to...

  • East Side Mags
  • Toni's Kitchen
  • Montclair Center

02x04 - Obligatory Thanksgiving References

"FAMILY DINNER" - Improvised by...

  • Frank - Rob Dickerson
  • Miriam - Nick Wolf
  • J-Dogg - Robert Aitken
  • Grandpa - Mike Sangregorio
  • Craig - Jared Cardenas
  • Charlene - Bonner Demling

"SELLING HAMLET - Written and Performed by The Dog Show

  • William Shakespeare - Zach McCullough
  • Producer 1 - Ryan Correll
  • Producer 2 - Mike Patierno
  • Gershwinstein - Claudio Venancio
  • Mary - Katie McGrath

"BLACK FRIDAY" - Improvised by...

  • Initial Announcement/Electronics/Greeter/Sporting Goods/Trenchcoats - Mike Sangregorio
  • Asst. Manager/Stationary/DVD's - Nick Wolf
  • Music/Additional Announcements - Rob Dickerson
  • Home Entertainment/Additional Announcements - Jared Cardenas

02x03 - Put that Down, You Don't Know Where It's Been

"Tom Hanks Lied" by Ashley England

  • Music and Lyrics by Ashley England

"Hercules" by Randy Reiman

  • Ring Announcer - Randy Reiman
  • Recorded Live at East Side Mags

"Wifi" by American Breakfast

  • Jared - Jared Cardenas
  • Mike - Mike Sangregorio
  • Ryan - Ryan Moore
  • Tom - Tom Mika
  • Echo - Anthony Echo

"The Battle of UTFA" by The Dog Show

  • Teacher/Veteran - Ryan Correll

"Memory Foam Mattress" by Drunk Panda

  • Mattress - Nick Wolf
  • Brian/Announcer - Rob Dickerson

02x02 - Chutes and Ladders for Dummies

"Witherspoon" by The Dog Show

  • Sir - Mike Patierno
  • Witherspoon - Zach McCullough

"Musicology" by Mike Sangregorio

  • Wendel Dinsmore - Rob Dickerson
  • Jethro York - Mike Sangregorio

"MMAyhem" by Mike Sangregorio

  • Blaze Roberts - Rob Aitken
  • Jack Murdock - Mike Sangregorio

"Duck, Duck, Duck" by The Dog Show

  • Dad - Zach McCullough
  • Mom/Kid - Kat Le Fevre
  • Reporter - Ryan Correll
  • Anchor - Claudio Venacio